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Learn SalesChain's various product offerings from CRM to CPQ

Learning the system doesn’t all have to come at once! We’ve segmented our training into courses covering our various product offerings including CRM training, CPQ training, Business Intelligence training, and more.

Learn From SalesChain Experts

Our team of trainers has worked to break these lessons down into easy-to-understand and digest topics. 

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Matthew Szczygiel

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Customer Success Stories

Real students, real results


Tom Flesch

We looked at all the major CRM providers in our industry and there is no question we chose the right one.”


Mike Fair

We’ve already seen a massive increase in production from our sales team through automation and look forward to many more integrations. Thank you, SalesChain.


Paul Schwarz

For LDI, SalesChain has become much more than a CRM. As an integral part of our daily business operation, SalesChain touches virtually every department at LDI on a daily basis.

Easy to Follow Lessons With Relatable Characters

We’ve structured our lessons around characters representing the different roles someone in your business might hold. It’s always easier to learn when you’re following someone’s journey! 

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